After 12 years of school, a lot of us still had the feeling that we’re always working toward a graduation of some kind.


That we’ll be “done” with something at some point in the future, and that will be that.


It might work with some things – like reading a book, right?


But we don’t graduate from healthy practices. We establish them, nurture them, and practice them throughout life, making adjustments as we go. It’s actually much more important than any graduation.


Exercise and eating right aren’t accomplishments we check off our “to do” list and forget about.

So many people think that they’ll “arrive” at a place where it’s no longer an effort, and that’s just not true. There will always be effort behind your health, but effort that is incredibly worthwhile.


So, build those habits. Make them stronger. And never look for the end date on this part of your journey.


Mark and Loic

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