Eat better – eat slower

Slow down your eating. Make sure your body does not miss the satiety cues. If you eat too fast you will most likely eat too much.

We love to use the 80% full rule. Just like it sounds, stop eating when you feel 80% full. It is the sweet spot between I am no longer hungry, and I am full.

The 80% rule is also a fantastic and very healthy eating habit if your goal is to lose weight since it can contribute to a caloric deficit. 

Be more mindful of how you eat more than how much you eat. It will teach your body to be aware of your appetite and how much food you consume. You will have better judgment and better hunger control following this rule.

Here is how to get started:

1- Just give it a shot. Follow the 80% rule at your next meal and stop eating before you are completely full.

2- Keep working on it. It’ s a fairly easy change to make to be healthier, but it takes time for it to become a habit.

Try these and let us know what happens.