The health and fitness world are filled with extremes.  Extreme workouts, extreme goals, and extreme expectations.  A lot of this is pure make believe created by marketing experts looking to build a following on a social media platform or sell a product.

Unfortunately, for the average gym goer who is looking to feel better, move better and look better this does nothing to help them achieve their goals.  It causes people to create unrealistic goals and unrealistic expectations of themselves.

The result is confusion and frustration which leads to and endless cycle of searching for the next “magic pill” that produces incredible results overnight.

At Train 2 Xcel we look to remove the confusion about health and fitness for our members and create an environment that educates them on proper goal setting and long-term adherence.

When it comes to health and fitness there are some undeniable principles to achieving your goals.  For most people, most of the time, these 3 principles will go a long way to improving your results in the gym.

  1. Hold Your Horses

Too many people start off way too aggressively.  They want to hit the gym hard 5 or 6 days a week.  They want to get 20,000 steps in a day on top of that. 

Now, being excited to start an exercise program isn’t a bad thing, but starting off too aggressively, especially if you haven’t been on a consistent exercise routine is setting yourself up for failure.  Eventually life gets in the way, and you can’t keep up that type of schedule.  

This can lead to feelings of failure and cause some people to stop exercising all together.  

So what should you do?


Master working out 3 times per week for 52 weeks a year and you’ll be surprised at what good things can happen.  Being healthy and fit isn’t a race, slow and steady is what leads to long term results.

Master the art of showing up.

You want to focus on the minimum effective dose when it comes to exercise. You need to learn to move well before you move often.  Exercising too often, with too much volume, at too high of an intensity will just increase your risk of injury and can be detrimental to your results.

2. Results Require Recovery

Fatigue will always mask fitness.  If you have too much accumulated fatigue from excessive working out this will start to prevent you from expressing your true fitness level and may even get you hurt.  If you have an exercise plan, you need a recovery plan.  

Now this doesn’t mean you have to jump into a full body cryotherapy chamber or sit in a tub of ice.  Here are some recovery methods that are pretty simple to do:


Go to bed. Yes, it’s that simple.  

Most people are chronically tired because they don’t get enough sleep.  This is the number one way to help your body recover and be ready for your next workout.

Eat enough calories to support your goal 

As with sleep, most people are lacking in getting enough high-quality nutrition to properly fuel their bodies.  Make sure you eat enough lean protein, carbs, and healthy fats. 

Oh, and don’t forget to eat your fruits and vegetables, your Mom was right.

Take care of your soft tissue.

This could be getting some regular treatment from a physical therapist, seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis or using a massage gun on yourself.  Working out, especially as we get older, puts a lot of stress on our soft tissue.  This isn’t a bad thing since we do need to stress the tissue to cause an adaptation, but as we age our once supple tissue loses some of its suppleness.  This can lead to decreased range of motion or pain.  We want to try to lessen this as much as possible, so consistent soft tissue work is important.  Don’t wait until you’re in pain, some simple preventive care can help keep you healthy and able to workout how you want to.

Walk More

Walking is an undervalued and underutilized form of exercise.  All those extra steps add up.  Walk with your friends, walk with your dog, etc. It can help everything from weight loss to heart health to back pain.  A daily walk is simple way to get yourself moving every day.

3. Learn to Enjoy the Process!

Creating long lasting sustainable results and habits takes time and patience.  As we mentioned above, master the art of showing up.  

It’s why we teach a process-oriented mindset.  We want people to focus on not just their goals, but the process it takes to achieve those goals.  It might be getting to the gym 3 times per week, logging your food intake or getting to bed at a consistent time each night. 

All these smaller victories add up over time and lead to long term success.

When it comes to working out in the gym we like to talk about “80% Workouts”.  So, what does this mean? 

Weight training and exercise in general isn’t supposed to tickle.  It needs to be challenging enough to cause adaptation, but that doesn’t mean that every workout must be 100% all-out effort leaving you lying in a puddle of your own sweat when it’s over.  It’s ok to have easier workouts.  

In fact it’s these moderate workouts that build up and contribute greatly to the 3×52 rule we talked about earlier.

10% of the time you go to the gym you’ll feel like a rockstar, the weights will feel light, and you’ll improve in everything from the last workout

10% of the time you go to the gym you’ll feel like you just got run over by a truck.  Everything will feel heavy, and your performance will be below what you’re used to.  Things you normally do easily will be a struggle.

80% of the time you go to the gym you’ll have workouts that are challenging, but up to your normal standards.  You’ll get the work done, punch the time clock and go home.  No major records set, no major drop in performance.  Just your normal average workout.  These are the workouts that matter most.  These are the ones that help build consistency and slowly build long term adaptations.

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