I have this voice in my head that’s always telling me I can’t do something. That I’m not good enough. That my plans will never work out.

It’s my Inner Saboteur.

You have one, too. Everybody does.

I used to succumb to my Inner Saboteur. I’d let him/her hijack my thoughts, keep me from making positive change, and just make a mess of my head and heart. 


My secret? I finally stopped fighting him/her. I realized that he/she’s always been in me, that he/she simply is a part of my psychology, and that he/she’s never going to go away or be entirely quiet. He is what he is, after all.

I used to argue with him/her. I used to wish he/she’d go away forever. 

Now, I realize that he/she’s still there and, even if he/she’s quiet for a while, he/she’s going to roar from time to time – AND THAT’S OK.

Because I don’t have to listen to him/her. I don’t have to believe him/her. I don’t have to take his/her advice. In fact, I can turn him/her into a helpful antagonist: “Oh, yeah?” I can taunt him/her. “Think I can’t? WATCH ME!”

Try it yourself. Go ahead!

Your T2X personal training team.

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