What if I told you I had the secret weapon that would help you achieve your health and fitness goals faster?

How valuable would this information be?

Would many of you be surprised if this were the opposite of what you thought worked best?

The health and fitness world is filled with misinformation.  Guru’s selling quick fix products are a dime a dozen and it seems like every month there is some new type of exercise or exercise machine that is supposed to do it all in only 10 minutes a day.

Even worse, many people still hold onto old beliefs about how to achieve their health and fitness goals.

This leads to wasted time, wasted money, and no long-term results.

At Train 2 Xcel we help people cut through all the noise that is out there about health and fitness.  Our approach is driven by science, not fads or gimmicks.

There is a secret weapon to your health and fitness goals, it’s strength training.

A properly designed strength training program is the fastest way to look better, feel better, move better and perform better.

Want to lose bodyfat?

Strength training is the foundation of any successful fat loss program and can transform your body more effectively than aerobic training or high intensity interval training.  A proper strength program helps build lean muscle (fat is burned in the muscle). More muscle means a greater ability to burn fat while giving your body the shape and firmness you are looking for.

Jaime came to us looking to lose bodyfat and had become frustrated by lack of results from her 6 day per week exercise routine that included a lot of high intensity interval training. Switching her focus to strength training 3x/week and fueling her body with adequate nutrition changed Jaime’s body faster than she could believe.

Want to improve your endurance capacity for running, cycling, rowing, etc.?

Strength training is the foundation for improving your endurance capacity and helps combat the overuse injuries that come with cyclic sports such as running and cycling.

Our client Gail, an avid runner added strength training to her fitness routine 2x/week. She continues to set new personal records for finish times for her running as she continues to prepare for her next marathon.

Want to build muscle and increase bone density? 

Strength training is they key component for stimulating muscle growth and creating the minimal essential strain that is required to cause bone to adapt and become denser.

Henry had recently retired and was diagnosed with osteopenia.  He felt weak and had been battling injuries. He knew he had to do something different.  At the urging of his doctor Henry focused on strength training 2x/week.

He has now improved how his body moves, increased his strength levels, and no longer feels weak.

Want to become more powerful to hit a golf ball, tennis ball or baseball harder?

The ability to be powerful and explosive is all built on a foundation of strength.  Without enough strength your capacity for force production will be greatly limited.

George was a scratch golfer who came to us looking to add distance to his drive and prevent injury.  We added golf related strength training twice a week to his fitness routine.  He now feels more stable and consistent when hitting the ball.  He added 12 yards to his drive and can play 18 holes without pain.

Is your workout even effective?

While doing endless cardio sessions on your bike, running miles at a time, or taking every metabolic conditioning / bootcamp class you can find might seem like the right thing to do since they can all make you feel tired and like you’ve had a good workout.

But have you had an EFFECTIVE workout?

The results you are looking for are all due to the adaptations that are caused by an intelligently designed strength training program.

All other forms of training are fine, but they should not make up the bulk of your workout routine when trying to lose bodyfat, build muscle or change how your body moves and performs.

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