Semi-Private Training has proven to be one of the most effective ways to get results. Working in a small group (2-4 individuals work closely with a coach) creates an environment where support, healthy competition and motivation exist. Additional benefits are flexibility in scheduling and sharing the investment of a coach. At Train 2 Xcel we have mastered addressing individual needs through Semi-Private coaching. During your Strategy Session, your coach spends the individual time needed to prepare our Program Design Team on how to customize the workout to your needs. This is a great option for those looking to train frequently and understand the benefits of working with a team.

Semi-private personal training is when one coach works with up to four members at a time.

All four members are doing their own individualized workouts, but the coach is overseeing the session and making sure everyone knows how to perform their exercises properly, how to adjust the equipment, etc.  The coach is also there to help guide you with weight selection for current and future workouts so that progress can be made safely and consistently.

Our training model is a great way to empower members by giving the more confidence and autonomy in the gym while also providing them with the professional coaching and attention needed to succeed.  Not only that but working out alongside your peers is always a lot more fun and enjoyable!

Mark and Loic
Train 2 Xcel – Ridgefield’s Premier Personal Training