We got a lost of questions this past week regarding why many people regain the weight they lost after a fat loss phase.

So….. Here are 3 reasons why people regain the weight they lost.

1- You Started With Unrealistic Goals

Cookie cutter diets are just not sustainable. In our experience, if your nutritional plan does not fit your lifestyle and get the results you want, it is not a good plan. The main issue that we see is that people want to lose weight instantly instead of focusing on the long term which is the healthiest way to achieve wellness and fitness.


2- Not Having A Strategy Once You Stop Your Diet Phase

Many people cut down calories drastically, lose a lot of weight and then suddenly stop “dieting”. Your body will want to fill that energy gap and make you eat more. Your guard will be down. You will most likely eat too much and your weight will start creeping back up.

As a matter of fact, after you lose weight your body needs less calories to maintain daily activities and functions. One you reach your goals, you need a strategy to up your calories gradually and adjust your exercise program as well.


3- You Go Back To A Sedentary Lifestyle

You lost weight, you are in much better shape and feel amazing. Now what? Are you going back to moving less and eating more? To maintain your “new you”, you will need to stay active and adjust your caloric intake so that you keep the weight off.


How do you prevent the regain?

  • Focus on losing weight slowly (don’t lose more than 10% of your bodyweight during any diet phase)
  • Keep diet phases where you restrict calories to no more than 12 weeks
  • Slowly increase your calories to maintenance levels
  • After a diet phase, use a maintenance phase of 2 months where the goal is to maintain what you lost while bringing calories back up
  • Keep exercising!  Focus on building strength and muscle
  • Get 8 hours of sleep per night
  • Manage your stress

Your T2X Team