The stresses of daily life keep us wound up all the time. Between work, household duties, kids, spouses and more, we have blinders on, and it’s easy to feel like we don’t have a moment to slow down.

To really ENJOY life.

To share that appreciation for all the beautiful things in our lives.

Modern living is fast and sad and sometimes overwhelming. And yes, we know, you really are busy. We all are.

But you’re also incredibly abundant. You know that. So, take time to show it and celebrate it. Here are five simple ways to do so.

  1. Give a compliment.
  2. Write down three “positive” things that happened this week.
  3. Volunteer your time or make a charitable donation.
  4. “Pay it forward” with a random act of kindness.
  5. Smile more.

We also believe exercise and eating well are powerful expressions of gratitude for the amazing joy of our physical selves. Care for your body because it’s awesome – not to deprive yourself!

Which one are you gonna do today?

Your T2X personal training team.

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