The ultimate way to start a fitness program.

What if you knew how to start an exercise program that guaranteed long lasting results?

What if you knew which exercises were good for you so that you could stop wasting time and finally achieve your goals safely?

Remember the last time you went on vacation.  What did you do to get ready? My guess is that you looked for a location, arranged your travel, hotel, etc. In other words, you had a plan.

You did that because you did not want to have any surprises. You wanted to know exactly what was going to happen to get there.

A plan helps you to stay organized and limit stress.

When it comes to health and fitness goals, most people tend to try things hoping that it will work. Unfortunately, jumping from one trend to another without getting any results is very frustrating.


Our main priority is to put you in the best position to take control of your health and fitness. We want you to “Xcel” at anything you want to do.

Our initial evaluation is a critical first step when you come to us.

As your personal trainers, we must have a great understanding of your unique needs and abilities. That is the only way to design a personalized plan to help you achieve what matters to you most.

We start by reviewing your health and medical history. We need to known about any current injuries, chronic conditions, or past surgeries. Then we look at your training and nutrition history. Finally, we take you through the Functional Movement Screen.

The Functional Movement Screen gives us a glimpse of your current movement abilities and identifies possible risk factors.

In other words, it shows us what NOT to do and gives us a basic starting point.

Finally, our program designer takes all your data and creates your training plan.


” I never thought that putting someone’s program together took so much work. Train 2 Xcel’s approach to training is what I needed to take me to the best of my abilities and reduce the risks of injury. I tried many gyms and programs to get in shape, but I wasn’t happy with the results. Now, I am very confident that I have the right program for my goals and my abilities. Our first meeting turned out to be very different than what I was expecting.  I thought I was going to be given a tour of the gym and presented with membership options.  Instead, I was given a detailed review of my goals, health history, and taken through a movement screen to see what exercises I should and should not be doing.  I left the meeting with a clear plan on what I should be doing in the gym and how often I should be exercising. This meeting was crucial to the design of my program. Now, I simply follow the plan created for me and the coaches progress me as needed. I am loving the way I feel. I am stronger. I move better and don’t feel so stiff anymore. Train 2 Xcel has been by far the best investment I’ve made for my health and fitness.” Andrew.

It’s time to achieve what matters to you.

Everyone deserves a plan that’s customized to their unique needs and goals. It’s time to take control of your health and fitness for good.

Whenever you’re ready, here are a few ways to work with us at Train 2 Xcel:

1. Talk to us on the phone.

Want to see if we’re the right fit for you? Want to talk to someone that cares about your success and can point you in the right direction toward it? We can help.

Email us at [email protected] with “CALL” in the subject line, leave us your contact information and one of our personal trainers will get back to you.

2. Book a free strategy session.

We are not a typical gym. We care about all our members. We’ll sit with you and talk about your goals and experience with exercise.  We will review your current nutrition program and talk about anything that may be preventing you from getting in the best shape of your life. You’ll get our expert advice on how to achieve your goals and leave the meeting with a clear plan for success.

Email us at  [email protected] with “STRATEGY SESSION” in the subject and we’ll get right back to you.

3. Risk-free 14-Day Jumpstart.

If you’ve simply seen enough of our members experience incredible results and you’re ready to get started with us, the 14-Day Jumpstart is the perfect fit.  You’ll get the full Train 2 Xcel experience that’s designed to get you on the path to a longer, healthier, and happier life. We’re ready to help you!

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